Our Story

vegan • non-gmo • no artificial ingredients • nut-free • incredibly delicious

We're rooting for the planet!

At Root Nine, we make the world's best tasting cookies with real ingredients, grown straight from the earth. We've spent years developing natural replacements for dairy and eggs in order to recreate classic desserts that are undetectably vegan. Welcome to the future of baking!

Our Founder

Jess Murgittroyd started her culinary journey at the age of 10 when she made a business of selling her handmade cookies to her classmates.

While in college studying art and design, Jess took on a part-time position as pastry assistant and developed a passion for baking.

She continued to climb the culinary ladder and quickly rose to the top of her field, leading pastry teams at award-winning restaurants and boutique event planning companies in the New York City area.

In 2018 Jess founded Snacking Lab, a culinary incubator geared towards plant-based snacks. With Root Nine, Jess’s mission is to introduce more people to the benefits of plant-based eating with classic treats that taste better than traditional options. 

What Root Nine Fans Have To Say

“Omggggg they’re AHHHMAZINGG.”

Kara S

“I love this cookie so much!”

Megan T

“These are vegan?! Omg.”

Theresa F