Where can I find Root Nine?

Our retail ready-to-bake cookies can be found in a few stores in the Northeast. Check out the list here! We’re working hard at growing this list, so stay tuned!

Do you ship nationwide?

We currently don’t ship nationwide, but hope to in the future!

Are your cookies gluten-free?

Our cookies are not gluten-free.

Are your cookies vegan?

Yes! Our cookies are 100% plant-based.

How can I carry your cookies in our store?

Reach out to hello@rootninebakingco.com and we’ll get back to you asap!

How much does it cost to wholesale your cookies?

We’d love to get you that info- please reach out to hello@rootninebakingco.com and we’ll have it over to you asap!

Are your cookies certified non-GMO?

Our cookies are not certified non-GMO, but all of our ingredients are! No artificial ingredients here.

Are your cookies made with Fair Trade chocolate?

Our cookies are not made with fair trade chocolate.