Our Mission

Root9 Baking Company Image

Rooted in Authenticity 

Who says a great cookie has to be made with butter and eggs? At Root Nine Baking Co., we set out to make the world’s first ever plant-based treats that tastes even better than the conventional cookie. Aside from tasting amazing, you can feel great about munching on our game-changing cookies because they’re made using ethically sourced non-GMO sustainable ingredients and melt in your mouth organic and fair-trade chocolate. Did we mention that we don’t believe artificial ingredients or preservatives? Root Nine is on a mission to make the best tasting cookies you’ve ever had using real ingredients straight from the earth.

Freshly Grown Cookies

Each batch of cookies is made with our unique handcrafted vegan butter and is free of soy, palm oil, GMO’s, dairy and eggs. And we’re sticking true to our name, “Root” because of plants and “Nine” because we used nine plants in our original chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Rooting for Our Planet

Root Nine Baking Co. cookies are whipped up using clean and honest ingredients, with extra special attention paid to sustainability. The raw ingredients we source are produced using significantly less water, land, greenhouse gases and overall energy consumption than its traditional butter and egg rival. Wrap it all up in eco-friendly packaging and you have yourself a win for your taste buds and a win for Mother Earth.